Welcome to Baddesign139
We are the first concept store in St.Petersburg specializing exclusively on masters of ‘dark fashion’. Our concept is a way out of the traditional sale and purchase process.
We invite you to our humble monochrome space where you will be treated with a cup of delicious chinese tea and will have an opportunity to enjoy the work of designers whose items are really unique for Saint Petersburg. 

We started our blog - journal.baddesign139.com - where we will share the latest fashion news. We want to tell you stories about designers life, interviews and of course share ‘behind the scenes’ details about magic of creating a new collection. You will see the Paris fashion week through our eyes and get your mind blown away by all the current trends.


Address: St. Petersburg, Nevsky prospect ,139

Index: 191024

Opening hours: daily from 11.00 to 21.00

Phone +7 (812) 74-01-139 .

website: www.baddesign139.com
journal : www.journal.baddesign139.com

Cooperation: info@baddesign139.com

To purchase: shop@baddesign139.com

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